F.A.Q.  (Frequently Asked Questions)

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How do I …

Any of the above is handled most efficiently if you email your request to email@kresl.com.

We also offer our customers the option to receive invoices by email the same day the order ships. If you choose this option, you will get fast access to the shipment tracking number and fast access to the invoice. No hardcopy will be sent by mail.
This method also serves as a shipment confirmation, and further allows you to invoice your customer immediately. The email invoice is the only copy we provide.

Do you want your invoices emailed to you? Think it over. Let us know.
If you agree to receive invoices by email only, contact us and we will send a registration form to you.

Can I buy parts directly from Kresl Power Equipment?

All part sales are processed through authorized ACCO distributors.  If you are not an authorized ACCO distributor, give us a call and we will help you locate one or more distributors who will process your order.

What is your return policy?

Parts are non-returnable without prior authorization and restocking charges may apply.

Does Kresl have minimum billing or minimum order quantity?

As a rule, we "do not" have minimum billing/order quantity.  On occasion, some of our vendors will require a minimum. This information will be clearly stated if we are quoting prices to you.

Can I check price and delivery of parts on-line?

Yes, if you know the part number, you can get that information on our inventory inquiry page.  Enter the part number where shown on that page, then tab to the quantity, enter the desired quantity, and then press the Enter key.  If information is missing or not valid, please contact us.

Are prices quoted "list" or "net"?

Kresl always quotes list price, each piece.  Any variance from this policy will be clearly noted.

Can I check price and delivery of stocked hoists on-line?

Not yet, we are working on it. Information on stocked hoists is currently in overview format only.  If you are an authorized ACCO distributor, call us for details.

Where can I find the hoist serial?

In addition to the nameplate, ACCO/Wright wire rope hoists are "stamped" with the serial. Look on the gear housing of the hoist for this stamp number.

On average, how late can I get a UPS shipment out?

3:30 PM Central Standard/Daylight time. Call us for critical shipments;  special arrangements can be made.

I have an ACCO model number, how can I get parts for my hoist?

The model number of the hoist, trolley or bridge is helpful in identifying parts.  Other cross check information such as capacity, motor data, voltage, etc., is also helpful.  The minimum information required to identify parts is the serial number of the product.

If I give you the part description and approximate size, can you provide me with a part number? (examples: wheels, load chain, wire rope, brake shoes, etc.)

In some cases we can.  Casting numbers, exact dimensions, number of teeth, bore sizes... it all helps. When serial numbers are destroyed, we do our best to figure it out.

Can I get trolley parts and/or bridge parts with hoist serial?

Yes and no.  If the bridge and trolley were sold with the hoist, ACCO cross references the product identification. Yet, in some cases just the hoist was sold, with no information relating to trolley or bridge. If you are certain the trolley or bridge is ACCO, provide the information directly from the product.

Can I get parts with an ACCO register number?

Not all register numbers are "tracked" by ACCO, but most are.  If that is the least information you can get, we'll do our best.

Where are serial numbers located for ACCO products?

For hoists, first check the serial nameplate.  Then check the gear housing for the metal-stamp numbers. The same applies to bridge drives and end trucks, but not all products have the additional metal-stamped serial.

Some manufacturers offer contact tips and auxiliary contacts, does ACCO?

In some applications, contactor replacement parts are offered.  Many contactors today are priced low enough that repairs are not cost effective.

Why can’t I buy wire rope fittings and have my wire rope company construct a wire rope for my hoist?

Definitely not recommended.  Always provide your customer with ACCO replacement wire ropes.

Does ACCO have a warranty on parts?

The manufacturer warrants all replacement parts to be free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of shipment to the using buyer. The buyer's sole and exclusive remedy for breach of warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of parts F.O.B. manufacturer plant.

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